Influencer marketing rose to the spot light in the Nigerian advertising space in the year 2015 and ever since, it’s being on a steady increase. Gradually gaining marketing share in terms of brands advertising budget, as brands and the general public are starting to recognize influencer marketing as the future of digital.

Initially, only few celebrities who were very popular online were regarded as influencers, limiting it’s use due to increasing demand and less supply, thereby making it extravagant for brands to utilize.

But with the increase in demand for influencer use; as brands began to discover it was an effective and quick way to reach target audience, the need to create new categories of influencers arose. This gave birth to the new in-demand influencers we have now ‘VIRALIST’, which we’ll say without doubt contributed greatly to the growth of influencer marketing here in Nigeria.

However, There’s Being A Growing Concern On The Effectiveness And How It Is Been Used, Two Things Have Been A Major Concern; Content And Management, Which Is What We’re Here To Correct.